Rick Ross arrested and Raven Symone named permanent host of "The View"

A silhouette of me on my webcam many years ago.
Rick Ross has been arrested in Atlanta for weed possession and also for his windows being tinted too dark on his car. Oh Ricky!  Raven Symone has officially become a permanent host on "The View". Congrats to her! Kim Kardashian-West says she's not having twins, she's carrying the baby(and not a surrogate), and they haven't revealed the sex of the baby just yet. Reports were saying otherwise and she spoke on it! Sherri Shepard formerly of "TheView" got in a little hot water today when she posted on Instagram that she thought about butt implants. She said unfortunately she's always reminded of what many have faced when they've decided to get the butt implants illegally, like in what they call "back alleys". Anyway as she posted a picture of a botched butt implant she threw a little shade at Khloe Kardashian saying she got a legal butt implant. This was just one day after Khloe claims she didn't have any work done and she worked her ass off, pun intended. :) Perhaps Khloe is a beast with the squats but really she's fooling no one not even Sherri Shepard. Sherri later came back at some who were criticizing her. She said it was jokes and that she was not going to buy into the beef created by the blogs. But you know if you said it, you said it and your a celebrity so their gonna make it a big deal. You know how it go Sherri! Good day everyone!
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