Rick Ross arrested again and The Game's new TV show gets premiere date

What's going on with Rick Ross? This is the second time in less than a month that he's been arrested! This time Ross was arrested for assaulting one of his workers who was helping construct his home. I also saw something about a kidnapping charge. When I think of a kidnapping charge, I think of a child, not an adult. I didn't read that far to get the whole story but it begs the question, "What's really going on Rick Ross?". I guess that's a question for Rick Ross. And speaking of rappers, the first preview for the Game's new reality show, "She's Got Game" made the rounds Monday night. The show will feature 10 women vying for the affection of the Game. The show premieres on August 10. Will you be watching? And while we're on the subject of rappers, one of rap's once premier producers, Scott Storch has filed for bankruptcy. He is said to only have $3600 to his name. And while that is a lot of us his bills are in excess of much more so he had no choice probably but to file. Do you know Scott Storch once dated Lil' Kim? Sad news for the Houston and Brown family, Bobbi Kristina is being reportedly moved to a hospice. She's been in the hospital for 5 months. Keep the family and Bobbi Kristina in your prayers. What do you think of today's stories? Thank you for reading! :)
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