Ne-Yo addresses gay rumors again and Lil' Kim dissed by baby daddy

Ne-Yo has come out again, no pun intended :) to deny rumors that he's gay. He informed his followers on Twitter not to believe everything you read and questioned why people are still talking about his sexuality. Hmm makes you wonder though! If he's not gay he's bisexual. It's just something about him that comes off as gay. I mean I could care less either way but it doesn't matter how many women you marry or how many children you have. If people think that your gay, they are always going to think that. There's no changing their mind! I do think it would be in his best interest not to address this again though. He has numerous times and it shows that the rumors do bother him. Speaking of people being bothered, Mr. Papers, Lil' Kim's baby daddy is throwing more shade on Instagram. He posted a meme saying "the real deadbeat is the woman who keeps her child from a loving father". Mmmm this is not the first time Mr. Papers has thrown shade at Lil' Kim but she has been mum about the whole thing. Looks like The Game is in more trouble. There is an arrest warrant out for the rapper who threatened an off duty police officer at a basketball game. Game allegedly said he would get his gun and shoot the guy or some nonsense. Basketball, when played on the street can get very serious but it shouldn't get to the point to where we're threatening each other. Looks like some of us still have a lot of growing up to do.
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