Music Feed: Under Arrest

It seems as of lately some of our favorite rappers just can't stay out of trouble but why? Is it a case of life imitating art or art imitating life? You decide. 
Rick Ross - Rick Ross was arrested twice in less than a month. First the rapper was arrested for marijuana possession. Now the rapper was just recently arrested for aggravated assault and kidnapping. I'm still wondering who Rick Ross kidnapped. I guess if I read the rest of the story I would know but I guess I don't care as much. And the aggravated assault was on one of his employees who he pistol whipped. 
Diddy - Diddy is known to "throw bows" just ask Drake. He did the same at UCLA where his son's coach was yelling at his son and he didn't like it so he went down there and gave him a piece of his mind. Next thing you know Diddy gave the coach a blow or two to the head and had him in a chokehold. Diddy was later arrested.
The Game - The Game got into a heated argument with an off duty cop at a basketball game and threatened him which led to his arrest. 
Migos - The famed rap trio was arrested earlier this year but I can't remember what for. 
Who else got arrested that I'm missing? Hopefully these rappers stay out of trouble for awhile but something tells me more foolishness is to come. What do you think? 
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