Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon sporting new boos and Rob Kardashian comes out of hiding

Has Mariah Carey finally moved on from Nick Cannon? Well its looking that way according to recent pictures that has spotted the singer with an Australian billionaire. The guy, James Packer is said to be the 4th wealthiest man in Australian, said to be worth 4.6 billion dollars. Talk about an upgrade from Nick Cannon. And speaking of Nick, he has also moved on as he's been spotted with a much younger looking girl. The two have been seen walking and holding hands at an amusement park. In some other totally unrelated music news, Rob Kardashian, the brother of the famous Kardashian clan was seen out and about, late at night on a burger run. Rob has been in hiding a lot since his weight has skyrocketed. He was looking pretty unrecognizable but if you looked long and hard you could tell it was him. Whatever he is going through hopefully he gets through it. And I apologize for being so late on reporting this because I don't think I have and if I did, I don't remember; Cynthia Bailey of RHOA(Real Housewives of Atlanta) is at the center of huge headline! Late last week video circulated of Cynthia's outspoken and somewhat annoying(not to me but most people) husband, Peter in a compromising position with another woman in his bar. Peter whispered "sweet nothings" in her ear and it looked like he fondled her breast. After the video made the blogs, Peter released a video apologizing for his actions and also apologized to his wife and two daughters. Wow! This is juicy enough to give Cynthia the storyline she needs for the new season. She's also going to have a lot of explaining to do as will Peter and so forth. Cynthia spent so much of last season worrying about the other girl's relationships that her own was in shambles. Cynthia has said though that she is not divorcing Peter because of this and they will work through it. I was just thinking too, I remember when Kandi Burruss-Tucker said in an interview that more drama goes on behind the scenes of RHOA then what we see on TV. I can see that now! Okay I'm done now! Until next time folks! Thanks for reading! :)
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