Lil' Mama called out for new video and Lil' Wayne gets in fight with referee

Happy Monday everybody! Kim Kardashian-West has announced that she is pregnant with her second child! Congrats to her and Kanye! Speaking of announcement, the creator of Lil' Mama's new song, "Sausage" has called out the rapper saying the song belongs to him. He goes on to say that he recorded a video awhile back and it went viral. Lil' Mama and her team got wind of the video and that's how Lil' Mama's version came to friction, allegedly. He also says that he had been in contact with Lil' Mama and her team and they asked him to be in the video but he said he couldn't afford to. That was when the said her team told him to catch a Greyhound(bus). But I'm not sure what Lil' Mama's team is saying about this just yet. Check back for more updates! And Lil' Wayne got into a shouting match with a referee at a celebrity basketball game. The shouting match turned physical and things soon turned into a melee between Wayne and the opposing teams. What else is new? I'm guessing the referee made a call that Wayne's team felt wasn't fair or some jargon like that. What do you think? Do we even care?
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