Janet Jackson announces label news and Amber Roses says she was drugged

Janet Jackson has revealed more details about her forthcoming project due this Fall. A new single is said to debut within the next 30 days and the accompanying album will be released through Janet's own record label, Rhythm Nation Records. BMG will be distributing the album. Janet and both BMG both released statements today regarding their partnership. So as far as Janet's new single, what are you we expecting to hear? A slow groove or an uptempo number? Whatever it may be I hope Janet delivers. But something tells me this album will be good. What do you think? While you think about that, Amber Rose says it was possible she was drugged on the night she revealed that ex Kanye West uses a ghostwriter. First she said she was drunk, now she's saying she was drugged. Chick if you were drunk, you were drunk. How all of a sudden do you think you were drugged? Anyway Amber Rose is now dating Cleveland rapper and actor Machine Gun Kelly aka MGK.
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