Ciara to honor Janet at the BET Awards and Tyga surprise releases new album

So its finally been confirmed that BET will be honoring Janet Jackson at this year's BET Awards airing on Sunday June 28. Ciara, Tinashe, Chris Brown and Jason Derulo will be on hand to honor the icon. Will you be watching? I think what would be really cool is if Paula Abdul played a hand in the tribute in some capacity, whether it was her performing one of Janet's routines or presenting her with an award? I mean what do you all think? Paula played a big part in Janet's career early on. Speaking of surprises, Tyga possibly found a way to stop people from talking about he and his teenage lover! Early this afternoon Tyga surprise released his album, "The Gold Album" on Spotify. I don't have Spotify so I guess I'll have to hear it in a different capacity. "The Gold Album" has been sitting for awhile on the shelves since Cash Money wouldn't release it for unknown reasons. Lil' Wayne faced the same fate causing him to fall out with Birdman. To those who have heard Tyga's new album, what do you think? Is it any good?
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