Chris Brown is brushed off by ex and upsets Kylie Jenner with insensitve but true meme

In honor of Flashback Friday, I posted this picture of myself in 5th grade circa 1995. My hair looks nothing like that anymore. I'm damn near bald now. I still wear bifocals. I had one ear pierced then and I let it close up. I got both ears pierced again years later only to let the same thing happen. Ha! On to the music news, it has been an interesting week for Chris Brown who doesn't just make the occasional headline, he's making headlines practically everyday for something different everyday. This time, Chris Brown caught his ex at the club and he proceeded after her to which she turned away. He chased after her and it was all caught on camera. Of course the media is having a field day with this coverage. This is all over the blogs! And in other Chris Brown news, Kylie Jenner is mad at Chris for being somewhat insensitive towards her father Bruce Caitlyn Jenner. Brown posted on Instagram a meme about Akon donating money to Africa and how its not news but Bruce Caitlyn Jenner's transformation is. As odd as it sounds he is telling the truth. I think what bothered Kylie was Chris referred to Caitlyn as a "science experiment".  If I were Kylie I would be upset too though especially when the two were seen hugged up together then he goes to make comments about her father/mother. Boy oh boy!
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