Young Thug forced to change album title and Rihanna sounds off on coke use rumors

THUG CHRONICLES: Funny thing about Young Thug besides his nonsensical style of rhyme, I had a dream about him one night and he chasing me and I was like the road runner trying to get away from him. Speaking of Young Thug he was threatened with legal action when he attempted to name his album or mixtape "Carter 6". So now his new project(as I'll call it) will now be called "Barter 6" and the "B" stands for "blood". Young Thug has been popping a lot of shit on social media lately and taking shots at Wayne. I thought he was your idol but nowadays admirers beef with their idols. What do you all think about this whole Young Thug obsession with Lil' Wayne? Does it creep you out? COKE WARS: Well would it creep you out to hear that Rihanna does coke? Well that was apparently the rumor going around after a picture caught the singer in what seemed like she was engaging in substance abuse. Rihanna being the "clap back" celebrity that she is, she wasted no time clarifying that what was pictured was not her doing coke but rolling a joint. To add insult to injury Rihanna later posted a picture of herself drinking a Coca Cola, obvious shade from the rumor starter and person she had to tell off, which she does so well by the way.
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