Video: Plies gets pulled off stage by fan

Who knew people were still this crazy about Plies? Well obviously there are some people who are. I know Plies does have a nice following on his Instagram so I suppose he's not exactly irrelevant. So yesterday footage of Plies being taken down by a fan was released and you can watch the shocking video above. What I don't understand is how security ain't jump in faster. Like you usually when an artist is performing on stage, whether their moving around or not, security typically takes care of anyone who bumrushes the stage especially if its unwarranted. The guy who took Plies down later issued a video, complete with a bloody nose and broken fingers saying he was a fan of Plies. Clearly he is a fan judging by how close he was. As far as my security is concerned I would of fired all their asses. He shouldn't of been that close and then to get pulled off the stage is even worse. I would of been handing out pink slips left and right. Actually the whole incident can be viewed as funny(me and some friends shared a laugh about it) but its also embarrassing. Luckily for Plies though he walked away mostly unharmed.
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