Nelly arrested for drug possession and Lil' Wayne sends out cryptic tweet and K. Michelle vindicated

HIGH ON LIFE: News of Nelly getting arrested Saturday morning is making the news rounds. The 40 year old rapper was arrested in Tennessee after his bus was stopped and for failing to provide the proper documents to operate the bus, the officers searched the bus. The whiff of marijuana didn't help because there was also marijuana found on the bus as well as drug paraphrenalia and five rocks of meth which tested positive. This whole story is shocking but then again its not. Nelly's use of drugs have been a constant rumor in the last few years. If that wasn't enough the officers also found several handguns. RIDE OUT: And Lil' Wayne left a cryptic tweet on Twitter saying he needs a "ride or die" which prompts me to believe that Christina Milian ain't that. She was singing that she was a "Rebel" for him so who knows. I dont know what kind of relationship Lil' Wayne and Christina Milian have. Hell I'm not sure if they know. But whatever it is good luck to them. On second thought I was just thinking speaking of Wayne wanting a "ride or die", I'm sure Young Thug feels he may be in the running! :) What do you think? CASE CLOSED: So remember that case Mickey "Memphitz" Wright had against K. Michelle and VH1? Well he lost the case. If you recall Memphitz sued after K. went public about the abuse claims. Though she never named him, he's been taunting her ever since and the taunting put an end to his marriage with Toya Wright. Speaking of all this, a friend of Toya and Tamar Braxton feels now that Memphitz lost his case(and basically admitting to threatening her son and attempting to smother K. with a pillow), they owe K. Michelle an apology. She also called out Rasheeda who didn't believe the claims on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta". I just thought about how this whole lawsuit was possibly the reason for K. and Tamar beefing because I never quite knew what started the feud. Anywho I'm tired of this whole mess and hopefully we won't have to hear anymore about it but something tells me this isn't the last we'll hear of this case.
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