Music Video: Beyonce - Die With You

HAPPY EASTER to those who celebrate the holiday today!Yesterday there was obviously a lot going on and while I was seeing it, I wasn't blogging about it until now. "Die With You" is the latest video and single from Beyonce. The song was released as a dedication to her husband Jay Z(who makes a cameo at the end) as the couple are celebrating their 7th year anniversary. The video is very poignant and sweet and I'm sure if this song were released via iTunes, it would be a huge hit. What do you think about the new Beyonce(excuse the accent mark until I figure out how to do it on this laptop) song and video? Yay or nay? Oh and if you were wondering where this video is from, its from the new streaming service TIDAL, which offers exclusive content you can't find anywhere else but you know stuff like that always happens to find itself released outside of those boundaries.
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