Justin Timberlake's wife gives birth and Young Thug responds to Lil' Wayne diss

BABY LOVE: Congratulations to Justin Timberlake and his wife Jessica Biel. The couple welcomed a baby boy today named Silas Randall. This is the first child for both. THUG PASSION: Moving on...Lil' Wayne graced a stage a few days ago and made light of Young Thug appearing naked on his album cover for the "Carter 6". Shots were definitely fired and Young Thug responded by saying "he is my idol" and he doesn't feel right dissing him back. So there it is. You know what they say imitation is the highest form of flattery. Though I don't recall Wayne appearing naked on an album cover but maybe he was planning to. But as far as the imitation part goes I was referring to the use of "Carter" in the album title for Young Thug. What do you guys think about this story? I mean because a lot can be said. NANNY DIARIES: And a lot can reportedly be said about Tamar Braxton and her husband Vincent Herbert. The pair are being sued by their former nanny who says they owe her $161,000 dollars in back pay. The nanny started babysitting the Herbert's child Logan when Tamar embarked on her "Love & War" tour and she was reportedly then making $37.50 an hour. So she is asking that the Herbert's pay up! I really don't see why a nanny would go around making up such a story but then again worst things have happened. Hopefully they get this matter resolved. STABBED: Speaking of matters getting resolved, Solange's business partner was stabbed 10 times in New Orleans. The assailant has been found and arrested. What's crazy is what made this person do such a thing? Was it jealously or what they call a crime of passion? Solange's business partner is currently in critical condition. Hopefully she gets better very soon. That's a terrible thing to happen to someone. Of course there are plenty of other stories to cover but I'd be typing forever and besides I have to get ready for work so until next time folks! Thanks for reading!
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