Jay Z sounds off on critics and Tyga gets 'Kylie" tattooed on his arm

ARM CANDY: Jay Z has come out defending his streaming music service, TIDAL saying it needs time to grow did other popular music services such as iTunes and Spotify. Do you think he has a point or nah? And Tyga has tattooed his girlfriend Kylie Jenner's name on his arm. That's always a big no no when artists and celebrities do that. The relationship becomes doomed once you do that in my opinion. But best of luck to them. And I say that because Tyga's ex and baby mama blasted Tyga when she leaked out text messages of him saying he wanted to get back together. He kindly responded back and said he ain't with the "tea". Well there you have it! TOUR DE FORCE: Speaking of Tyga, his friend Lil' Wayne found his tour bus shot up in Atlanta. I don't think anyone was hurt but is it safe to say Birdman might of sent his henchmen out for Wayne? Hey you never know! Speaking of Lil' Wayne, his ex boo Trina was said to perform in Columbus, Ohio but however did not perform. According to Trina, she was set to perform but she did not receive a payment so fans were upset and went in on her via social media. Trina shot back with her version of events including her not getting paid and calling out the promoters. Well the promoters has shot back and blasted Trina with the contract and document and some other jargon. He says Trina was supposed to perform at 12 a.m. but didn't show up until 2:30 a.m. So is that why they didn't pay her? I'm confused though. Whose side are we on here? And what do you think of the stories tonight? Well until next time folks! Thanks for reading!
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