Janet to release new single and Lil' Wayne hasn't dropped lawsuit against Birdman

MAKE YOU DANCE: So I saw that Janet Jackson is reportedly releasing a new single titled "Dancing Tomorrow" on April 28. How do we feel about that? Are we excited? It's been reported that Janet has been working on new music for awhile so I guess we will finally get a chance to see what Janet has been working on all these years. FUCK YOU, PAY ME: And it was reported that Lil' Wayne had dropped his lawsuit against Birdman but apparently not. He has indeed moved the case to New Orleans, whatever that means. I'm thinking it means he must of filed some charges in the state of New Orleans and he is still pursuing the case. Wayne claims he is owed $51 million dollars from Birdman from sales of Young Money artists Drake and Nicki Minaj. As a result Lil'' Wayne's long awaited "The Carter 5" has been placed on hold indefinitely. In a strange twist of irony label mate Young Thug is naming his new album "Carter 6". Why? I don't know but it seems pretty desperate if you ask me. PRETTY HURTS: Someone who isn't desperate is Iggy Azalea as she cruises her way on to another collaboration, this time with Britney Spears. The Australian rapper has hooked up with Britney for a video to Britney's new single "Pretty Girls". I'm taking it Britney has a new album coming out or its from a soundtrack I don't know. But you can definitely say Iggy continues to do big things that's for sure. 
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