Frank Ocean reveals new album details and Keyshia Cole not going to jail

OCEAN DRIVE: Frank Ocean has revealed that his new album, "Boys Don't Cry" will be released this July. It's been nearly 3 years since Frank released his Def Jam Records debut. I'm ready for a new Frank Ocean album are you? JAIL BIRDS: Do you recall when Keyshia Cole said she was going to jail for 30 days? Well it looks like she won't be going to jail after all since her DUI case was thrown out. And The Game is being sued by the police that he punched. Game claims he punched the police only after the police threatened to take a gun out of his bag and shoot him. As we know Game is about that life and he will fight anyone anywhere. There are plenty videos online of game fighting other rappers, fans, and just overall rude assholes. MOVIE TIME: Miguel is said to be starring in a romantic drama directed by John Legend! For some reason this doesn't surprise me. Somewhere along the lines Frank Ocean should be cast as well if you get my drift and I think you do. :) A THIEF AMONG US: And possibly the funniest and weirdest story of the night is that DMX is being accused of stealing $3200 dollars from a man at a gas station. It began when the guy was talking to DMX and somewhere along the line DMX's entourage put a gun to the guy demanding his money. If his indeed true its said that DMX has fallen this hard. I remember DMX was that guy back when I was in junior high school then again that was 17 years ago. My how time flies! And on that note good night everyone!
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