Erykah Badu stars in new short film and Iggy Azalea nominated for several Billboard Music Awards

DIE YOUNG: Erykah Badu is starring in a short film, "They Die By Dawn" is available exclusively on TIDAL, the new streaming music service spearheaded by Jay Z. The movie stars Rosario Dawson and Michael K. Williams(of "The Wire"). Will we get to see the short film out side of the TIDAL domain? More than likely! BILLBOARD BOUND: The Billboard Music award nominees were released today and Iggy Azalea is one of the top contenders. Some of the categories she's nominated in include Top Streaming Artist, Top Rap Artist, Top Female Artist, Top Digital Songs Artist, Top Hot 100 Artist, and countless others. Her surprise nemesis Nicki Minaj is nominated in some of the same categories. Who do you think will win? Do you think Iggy will win? MUSIC BITS: And their saying Lil' Wayne has allegedly dropped his lawsuit against Cash Money. But we'll see how true that is. And Azealia Banks is in hot water as always. Her interview with Billboard found the rapper saying she wants to "fuck the President" didn't go over so well with some folks but she said it was a mere joke. Then again everything Azealia says is an issue. So go figure! Thanks for reading and until next time folks!
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