Drake speaks out on Madonna kiss and Ciara unveils new album details

KISS ME: So Drake has spoken out regarding the shocking kiss between he and Madonna over the weekend. While the video showed Drake looking rather disgusted with the kiss, Drake however says that he "feels 100" about the kiss and he thoroughly enjoyed it. JACKIE: Something else you may enjoy is the new upcoming album from Ciara titled "Jackie". The singer recently released the album's tracklisting which features 11 tracks and the deluxe version 16 tracks. The album features guest appearances and production from Missy Elliott, Pitbull, Dr. Luke(worked with Britney Spears), Polow Da Don, Diane Warren, Harmony Samuels(worked with Fantasia), and Ester Dean. The album's second single has been selected and its titled "Dance Like We're Making Love". Current single "I Bet" features a recently released remix with T.I. and Joe Jonas, but on separate remixes. Sounds like there's a lot going on and it is if you ask me. So with that being said are you all looking forward to Ciara's new album and how do you think it will fare commercially? HOT IN HERE: Well why you think about that, Nelly has spoken out in regards to his recent arrest saying he needs to change the people he hangs with, rightfully so. The rapper left a message to his fans, supporters and the like on social media saying he can't speak fully on the matter but some other jargon about his innocence and what not. CANNON BALL: Nick Cannon has said that he has left the door open to reconcile with ex Mariah Carey if it shall happen. The two recently spent some time together along with their kids. What do we think about these two possibly making up? Yay or Nay?
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