Ciara has a new man and Frank Ocean changes his name

Happy Friday y'all! MAN UP: Has Ciara snagged a new man? Well that's what rumors suggest. The singer is reportedly dating Seattle Seahawks player Russell Wilson. The two was spotted together at an event a few days ago. One thing is for sure, Ciara keeps a man, kind of like how J.Lo does. Though I think this is the longest J.Lo has reportedly been single. What do you think about the Ciara cozying up to a new man? I mean anything is possible especially after how crappy Future was towards her. OCEAN'S WATER: In other music news, Frank Ocean has legally changed his name to Frank Ocean, his stage name. Frank filed the documents in court over a year ago and they were finally settled after Frank had to clear up his driving record. If you didn't know Frank's real name is Christopher. Funny being that he once had been with another Christopher. Chris Brown! I thought about changing my name. Still considering it. TIDAL WAVE: Something that is likely being considered is a joint album between Jay Z and Beyonce. The exclusive album is said to be available exclusively on TIDAL, the new streaming service spearheaded by none other than Jay Z. Will that make you subscribe? Or will you just wait until it leaks out on the internet? SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL: Rihanna will be performing on "Saturday Night Live" on May 16, which is the show's season finale. Will you be tuning in?
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