Amber Rose pens letter to Wiz Khalifa and Chris Brown supports ex

LOVE HANGOVER: Amber Rose is not going down without a fight when it comes to her love for her husband Wiz Khalifa. The social media maven expressed her undying love for Wiz in an effort to get him back. Do you think these two will make amends? Do you care? MISSING YOU: And do you even care how Chris Brown has been going out of his way to show love for his ex via social media. He has been making posts about her, liking her pictures and next I'm sure the gifts will start flowing in and before you know, she'll be back. I think we all know that. What do you think? "BET" ON THIS: And Ciara has announced May 4 as the release date for her new album "Jackie", named after her Mother which I think is pretty sweet personally. Current single "I Bet" is #43 on the Billboard Hot 100. A remix featuring Joe Jonas and T.I. is currently in the can and we should be hearing that anytime. Ciara worked with Harmony Samuels(worked with Fantasia), Polow Da Don(worked with Fergie), and Dr. Luke(worked with Ke$ha). I am glad that they are not waiting forever to release her album like they did with the last one and hopefully this one will be received a little better than Ciara's last few albums. People like to say this is Ciara's last chance but she never gives up and keeps putting out albums so we can't be mad at that. Random thought though, I'm ready for a new Brandy album. I know Brandy takes her time recording and on her social media she's become very active as far as working out and she's been documenting the process as of late and that's great but I'm ready for some muzack! Until next time people!
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