ludacris and jodeci to release new albums and iggy azalea's boyfriend comes to her defense is everyone doing tonight? Here's what's going on in the world of music. MUSIC BITS: Ludacris will release his new album "Ludaverses" on March 31 via Def Jam Records. Ludacris and his wife recently announced that their having a baby and personally I think people are more excited about that then his new album. One album that I believe people are excited for is the new album from Jodeci, "The Past. The Present. The Future". The album title sounds like that of a greatest hits collection but it is indeed a new album. The album contains the hit single "Every Moment"(which is one of my favorite songs right now). The new album will also be available on March 31. Speaking of available Iggy Azalea's boyfriend Nick Young is now coming to his honey's defense. After a sportscaster made some unfavorable comments about Iggy, Nick sounded off on Twitter to the heckler and threatened to handle him when he seems him. I think the sportscaster better back off. I'm just saying! So what else is going on? Did I miss something today? I don't think so but on another note I was glad to see "Real Housewives of Atlanta" back and it was a very good episode. Next week look's even better. Well until next time folks! Have a good night!
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