Lil' Wayne says Drake slept with girlfriend and Chris Brown is single and Raven-Symone Instagram shut down

SOMEBODY'S GIRL: So more news coming in today..Lil' Wayne is reportedly shopping around a tell all book during his stint in prison back in 2010. I almost forget that Wayne was in prison but allegedly its being said that Drake revealed to Wayne that he slept with his girlfriend. Wayne says he was crushed by the news and was glad he was in jail or otherwise there would of been hell to pay. Just goes to show men need to keep their women away from Drake. He gets them every time. Ha! THIRSTY GIRL: Speaking of stealing girls Chris Brown says he is single and plans to stay that way for awhile after he was rumored to be dating some bird that posted a picture of him with her on his tour bus with baby bottles in tow. Sounds like someone was just wanting a little attention and they got it. Now back to your regularly scheduled program! QUEEN'S STING: Raven-Symone says her Instagram page was taken down by the infamous #Beyhive after claiming Lil' Kim is the original Queen Bee, which she is. If that's not enough yesterday Solange paid tribute to Lil' Kim on social media for being a fashion icon and the original Queen Bee. If that weren't enough Sevyn Streeter also showed love to Lil' Kim yesterday on social media with the "bees" emoji in tow. Until next time folks!
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