Kelly Rowland on Essence magazine and Azealia Banks on Playboy magazine

COVER GIRLS: So here's a little news for you all on this lovely Saturday night. Kelly Rowland and her family appear on the newest issue of Essence magazine. Azealia Banks is the cover girl from the April issue of Playboy. Rihanna is the new face of Dior, making her the first black woman to ink a deal with the legendary fashion brand. It's crazy because all of the black models we have and they've never been the face of Dior. Quite strange I might add but congrats to Rihanna! What do you all think about Rihanna being the face of Dior? To be honest I can see why she was picked though. Rihanna is young, vibrant, and she's pretty likeable and best of all she will tell you off in a heartbeat. BEAT AROUND THE "BUSH": On the album release front, Snoop Dogg will release his new album, "Bush" on May 12. The album features the first single "Peaches & Cream" featuring Charlie Wilson. When I first heard the snippet, the song produced by Pharrell instantly reminded me of Jennifer Hudson's "Just That Type of Girl" song on her "JHUD" album. Ironically it was also produced by Pharrell. It just goes to show that as much as I love Pharrell as a producer and a beatsmith, he is getting a little lazy with the productions. No wonder why he was sued by the Marvin Gaye family! I can say they were probably in need of some money too. Speaking of that whole mess, it looks like the Marvin Gaye family is not content with their payout for the "Blurred Lines" debacle. They are now going after Pharrell for his hit song "Happy". They are saying that the song emulates another Marvin Gaye song "Ain't That Peculiar". I even went to listen for myself and I really didn't see the resembalance. It also got me thinking that if "Blurred Lines" wasn't the monster hit it was, there would no lawsuit. Think about that! So until next time folks, enjoy the rest of your weekend.
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