MUSIC BITS: So there's not really much news to report in my opinion, well at least nothing that interesting. I mean Iggy Azalea is not that interesting but apparently interesting enough for me to report news on her. I don't have a dislike for Iggy but I prefer Azealia over her. But anyway Iggy has deleted her Instagram page and if I'm not mistaken her Twitter page as well. I guess Iggy just got fed up with all the criticism she's been facing as of lately. So now the question is when will she return to her social media pages? I say in another or so she'll be back to tweeting and Instagramming.  BLOND AMBITION: So Fashion Week is going down in Paris and Kim Kardashian West is sporting blond hair and I'm not a fan of it. She was seen sitting at a fashion show with her husband along with her mother, Kelly Rowland, and Solange. The blond hair makes her look old and she looked like a dope fiend. Maybe if she had a different shade of blond maybe it would of worked but this was not cutting it. Well until next time folks!
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