Foxy Brown throws shade at Remy Ma and Teyana Taylor says she's the inspiration behind "Empire"

HAIRY SITUATION: It's a battle of the hair wars. Foxy Brown threw some jabs at Remy Ma via Instagram over whoever was the first to rock the bone straight hair. Indeed the black hair is Foxy's trademark but she's not the only girl. As much as I love Foxy I see she does stuff like this to keep herself in the news. I mean I don't even think its that serious to be arguing over who was the first to do this and who was the first to do that. How about you be the first to drop an album after 14 long years? That's the problem with Foxy. She boasts and brags about who she was and what she did in her heyday but has not done a substantial thing since but pick fights with people. Remy Ma did respond but it wasn't even a nasty response. She just said something along the lines of I been rocking the 40 inch weave with the blond bangs etc. And going back to Foxy, she took a page out of Azealia Banks' book when she was sporting the colorful mermaid hairstyle briefly which was all inspired by Banks. You didn't see Azealia getting all up in arms. Instead she was flattered by the gesture I'm assuming. I just need Foxy to focus on exactly what her issue is within herself cause the issues she has within herself she takes out on the other female rap girls. Honey bye! EMPIRE: And I don't know why every celebrity feels the need to say that they were the inspiration behind the many characters on "Empire"? Teyana Taylor and her boyfriend are going around saying they are the inspiration behind Hakeem and his girlfriend. Honey bye! If that's not enough Joseline Hernandez of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" was saying she was the inspiration behind Cookie. Honey bye! Like none of this has been confirmed by Mr. Lee Daniels and until then I won't be holding my breath. I'll just go to say that a lot of the celebs we admire are absolutely nuts!
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