Drake great in bed and Jamie Foxx dating Katie Holmes and "Empire" soundtrack hits #1

LOVER BOY: Deelishis aka London Charles has been keeping her name in the news lately. During a recent interview with Kandi Burruss-Tucker of #RHOA and "Kandi Koated Nights" fame, she revealed that a rapper from Toronto who sings in his raps is "great in bed". I wonder what she had to say about Wiz Khalifa because we all know she was getting busy with him and let's not forget Flavor Flav and all the other countless celebrity men we don't even know about. FOXX HOLE: And we might know that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes may be dating. The two were recently spotted sitting together holding hands. If that's not a couple then I don't know what else is. The story about Jamie and Katie is not exactly new. The rumor regarding them being together or not has been in the rumor mill for a few months now. Do you think Jamie and Katie are dating and what do you all think about Deelishis and her thirsty self. I don't know but I've never been a big fan of hers nor have I been a fan of Hoopz from "Flavor Of Love" either. Now I'm not mad at them for doing what they do I just think their both annoying. RISE OF THE "EMPIRE": Something that is not annoying is "Empire", the hit show will air its season finale tonight at 8PM EST(Eastern Standard Time) and its 2 whole hours of juiciness. Speaking of "Empire", the recently released soundtrack to the movie is #1 topping over Madonna. Now that's big and it shows us that "Empire" is definitely here to stay as long as they don't start getting outrageous with the storylines. You all excited for "Empire" tonight? Well until next time folks! Stay black!
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