Chris Brown sents message to ex and Raven Symone attacked and Young Thug names new album

THE X FILES: Chris Brown sent a message out to his former lover insisting that she not turn into a "THOT" after she broke up with him. Since then she has been on social media flashing her shit letting everyone know that she is single and ready to mingle and frankly I'm not mad at her. Chris is salty though! B REAL: But Raven Symone is not! She caught some flack from Beyonce's Beyhive(fans) after the actress referred to Lil' Kim as the Queen Bee, which she is though. Before Beyonce was referred to as Queen B or even started calling herself that, Lil' Kim bore the title and frankly I think she still wears it. No offense to Beyonce or her fans. I thought I'd put up that little disclaimer in case a ____ tried to come for me. THUGS R US: But anywho Young Thug is finding ways to grab peoples attention aside from him having everyone question his sexuality. The Cash Money rapper has boldly titled his new album "Carter 6". And Lil' Wayne's daughter Reginae was not happy about it and she came for Young Thug via social media. As we know the "Carter" album themes originated with Lil' Wayne and I'm not sure exactly what Young Thug is out to prove. I think its just him being messy and wanting some attention. I mean after all he is one of the girls! TIME LESS: Speaking of girls Rihanna says her new album will be "timeless". That may explain why Rihanna has spent a lot of time working on this album which is said to be produced heavily by Kanye West. We have heard snippets here and there but Rihanna's new album title and its release date remain unknown. Then again maybe she is planning a secret release like Beyonce. What do you think?
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