Chris Brown off probation and Suge Knight passes out in court

MUSIC BITS: Good news for Chris Brown! He is officially off of probation and let's hope he stays out of trouble. Speaking of trouble Suge Knight found out his fate in court today when it was revealed that his bail was set at $25 million dollars. Upon finding out the news, Suge Knight passed out! Everyone is saying that it was simply an act and I have to agree. If you recall Suge Knight was seen on surveillance camera running a man over not once but twice after a scuffle was taking place in the streets. If you want to see the gruesome footage TMZ had it on their site awhile back. I'm sure if you search for it you can find it. And that's that! What do you think of Suge Knight's dramatic passing out and do you think Chris Brown will stay single and out of trouble for long? Sound off below and share these stories!
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