Chris Brown A Father. Keyshia Cole Called Out. Kid Rock Trashed.

BABY DADDY: So Chris Brown may of fathered a 9 month old child and Keyshia Cole's husband claps back at Keyshia. It's certainly going down in the world of R&B today! Some wanna be model girl(no shade) is saying that Chis Brown fathered her 9 month old daughter. Chris has yet to confirm or deny the rumors. It's funny though because whenever Chris finds himself the subject of rumors or erroneous stories, he usually replies almost immediately. Well in this case, as far as I know he's yet to respond. I guess we will have to wait and see how this all plays out. HE SAID, SHE SAID: And Keyshia Cole has been dragging her husband's name through the mud for awhile now but I think things have hit the fan now. Tired of all the accusations, Daniel "Boobie" Gibson claims he's not what Keyshia has made him out to be. He insists that he is there for his child, he FaceTimes him, teachers him his ABC's and claims he was also there for Keyshia during her recent rough patch when she was arrested. Keyshia has yet to respond but this is getting uglier by the minute. Hopefully no more dirty laundry is aired but you never know with Keyshia Cole cause when Keyshia's pissed, she's pissed. KID N PLAY: And the Beyoncè fans are still mad at Kid Rock. There is a video of someone in a Walmart taking all of Kid Rock's albums and throwing them in the trash. The video is funny but it ain't that serious. It's bad enough they flooded his social media pages but this takes the cake.
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