"BIG" DEAL: Hey everybody! Congratulations are in order for Big Sean. His new album "Dark Sky Paradise" debuts at #1 marking his first #1 album. Big Sean's album sold 174,000 copies in its first week. The album was bolstered by the hit single "I Don't Fuck With You" featuring E-40. Drake sold 99,000 copies of his new album this week as well. So Hip Hop is definitely being represented as of now on the charts. DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL: Meanwhile I'm waiting on Chris Brown to confirm or deny if this child is his or has he? Anyway the woman in question Nia has reportedly hung around Chris' current or ex-girlfriend. Speaking of that she is reportedly done with Chris and crying in the arms of her best friend Christina Milian who sent out a cryptic tweet about the situation. As we know she'll be back with Chris by month's end. What do you all think? PART TWO: Moving on, the cameras are rolling for "ATL 2", the sequel which will star the cast of the first movie with T.I. and Lauren London. Really though? I just don't understand why they feel the need to do a sequel to every movie known to man. In that case can we get a "Love Jones 2"? I'm just saying. "A Thin Line Between Love & Hate 2" is happening and we already got a sequel to The Best Man. What movie do you think deserves a sequel and which do you feel doesn't? TV TIME: And Ciara is riding high with her new single "I Bet" but she is also filming a new variety show "I Can Do That" to air on NBC this Summer all while recording a new album. Well that is all the news I have for you today! Until next time!
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