audio: christina milian - rebel

"Rebel" is the newest single from Christina Milian. The song is currently available on iTunes and based on the snippet I heard, the song doesn't sound half bad. It actually sounds promising. I may want to check out Christina's upcoming album if and when it hits. But something sure to help this song gain momentum is a new feud that has arisen between Christina and Nicki Minaj. Christina was seen on her IG page with a shirt that says "Pretty On Fleek", a quote that was said by Nicki in her "Feeling Myself" track so Nicki made a comment saying she is responsible for the "on fleek" word craze that is going around. Then Christina responded basically saying she thought it was an equal opportunity phrase and then it went from there. It's a pretty pointless feud I guess but maybe Nicki was bored. I see people like to throw shots at Christina but she ain't no punk. She'll bite back! I think what's more interesting here is that both ladies, Milian and Minaj are label mates and are both very close to Lil' Wayne. Wayne is Christina's current boyfriend and Wayne is a mentor to Nicki. Let's just hope this doesn't get any more out of hand than it already is. I mean there is already enough bad blood in the Young Money/Cash Money camp. Check out Christina's new song below!
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