trey songz and iggy azalea called out, mariah carey signs to epic and jagged edge member arrested

SONGZ IN A MINOR: While gay rumors certainly didn't hinder his career in the past, Trey Songz lives up to his title of Mr. Steal Ya Girl and his title was recently questioned by labelmate Meek Mill. Meek posted on his Twitter that he has to ask a potential date if she's slept with Trey Songz insinuating Trey gets around. Trey responded knocking the notion and again sending a little shade a day or so later by saying that no one is "dry snitching". I believe that was a dig at Meek but what do I know? Something that I do know is that Mariah Carey has signed to Epic Records. This puts Mariah back under the Sony wing where her career began and flourished in the 90s. L.A. Reid is responsible for taking Mariah under his wing. Reid most famously worked with Mariah on her The Emancipation of Mimi album back in 2005. Wow! TEOM is actually 10 years old this year. My how time flies. Mariah's first project will be a re release of her #1's album which will feature some news songs if I'm not mistaken. If that is not enough Mariah news, she will be headlining in Vegas. Mariah made the announcement on Ellen awhile back, see how I late I be on the news! Ha! But did you guys hear about Eve and Jill Scott shading Iggy Azalea about her "blaccent" and questioning her authenticity like many others before them. I think their problem with Iggy is the same problem some other artists have had namely Azealia Banks. Ironically Jill and Eve are both Azealia fans so go figure. T.I. responded to Iggy and not Eve and Jill or no other woman besides Azealia and said she needs to stop responding to everyone and everything. I agree but that goes for most celebrities if not all. What do you think? Do you think people are being too hard on Iggy? I mean all I will say is that it comes with the territory. I mean what can you do? People are going to talk regardless. Right? Well people are definitely talking about Kyle Norman, member of Jagged Edge who was arrested for shoving an engagement ring down his fiancee's throat. Now what happened to wearing your engagement ring on your finger? If anything I figure he would shove his dick down her throat because that's what men do right? A little dry humor there, I hope you guys can appreciate it and this post. Until next folks! Stay warm, cool, calm, and collective. Thanks for reading!
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