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GRAMMY NIGHT: So good evening everyone! I'm sorry I haven't updated lately. You know I be meaning to but I didn't realize it has been six long days. Any who I'm sitting here watching the Grammys and trying not to fall asleep and I say that with the utmost sarcasm. I'm watching Annie Lennox perform a cover of I Put A Spell On You. I saw Beyonce and Jay Z win a Grammy for Best R&B Song for Drunk In Love. Now my question is why Jay Z ain't join on her stage? I mean its not just her award its yours too. But he's always pretty gracious when it comes to his wife as he should be. I mean Drunk In Love wining was a no-brainer right? It deserved it though. Madonna performed earlier and she did a pretty job. I can't remember the name of the song she performed but I'm guessing its on her new album Rebel Heart due in March. I forget that Madonna is 55 because say what you want about her, her body was looking really nice. But Madonna does keep in shape so it makes perfect sense. And oh yeah Pharrell won a Grammy for Happy in the Best Pop Performance category. So congrats to him! Sam Smith won for Best New Artist. That's all I got so far for this 14 hour telecast. As we know the Grammys like to drag. My question of the night though is, is there a dress code for the Grammys? I mean if there is not it needs to be because some of artists looked downright tacky. Their attire looked more suited for the BET Awards of even the MTV awards. I thought the Grammys dress code existed but maybe not. Maybe they have changed it in the years since. But it needs to be reinstated. Fast! Well that's all I got for the Grammy coverage so far. I may do more at a later time. Come back and see. I promise there will be another update, hopefully before another six days has passed. Goodnight everyone!
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