missy elliott in studio with pharrell and kid rock sounds off on beyonce and azealia banks tours u.s.

IT'S A VIRGINIA THING: Missy Elliott is back in the studio with not only Timbaland but also Pharrell. The pair previously collaborated on Missy's last album The Cookbook which was released 10 years ago. Are you looking forward to Missy's new album? KID N PLAY: Well Kid Rock is looking forward to Beyonce to drop a "Purple Rain" track or a career defining song that as he feels the singer has yet to do so. The comments made along with some about Beyonce looks sent the #Beyhive into a frenzy and they went in on via social media. Kid was just speaking his opinion but apparently its an opinion that will cost him, to some extent but I'm sure he'll be fine either way. I APOLOGIZE: And Kanye West continues to display fine behavior as he recently apologized publicly via Twitter to Beck for saying the singer didn't deserve his Grammy award for Album of the Year. He also apologized for Bruno Mars for always hating on him but that was news to me because I didn't know he had a problem with him. I mean did I miss something? Either way its nice that Kanye is making strides. BANKS OF AMERICA: Speaking of making strides Azealia Banks is finally doing some shows in the States starting this Spring in California before heading to New York, Chicago(May 15) and Boston. Fans have been wanting to see the singer here in the states and they are finally getting their wish. If that's not enough Azealia Banks news for you, the rapper is releasing the physical version of "Broke With Expensive Taste" on March 3. I will definitely be getting my physica copy and seeing her in Chicago in May. I can't wait! So what do you think about today's stories or do you even think at all? If so leave me a comment! Until next time folks!
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