kanye west fires back at amber rose and tlc raises money for new album

"OSCAR" THE GROUCH: So I was wondering how come so many musicians have Oscar parties? I'm assuming its because maybe their nominated for Best Original Song or something? I say this because Ne-Yo recently had an Oscar party and I think Madonna did too or in the past she has. Anyway I caught up on some much talked about interviews with Amber Rose and Kanye West who both appeared on The Breakfast Club days apart. Kanye was asked what the thought about Amber calling his wife "Fake" and Kanye replied that he had "to take 30 showers" after Amber to be with Kim and that was all he said. It was like he knew not to say too much because he didn't want to make the situation any worse and of course Amber replied on Twitter saying Kim "let Ray J nut on her", referring to the now infamous sextape. Personally what do you all think about this whole mess? I guess its interesting but after awhile things like this get old. And we all await the next epic battle on social media from whatever celebs and these days its anybody vs. everybody. You catch my drift? MUSIC BITS: TLC has raised $430,000 to fund their new and final album. Beyonce pictures from a pictorial leaked and they were the unretouched photos which shocked many and sent the #Beyhive into a frenzy. Rihanna just celebrated her 27th birthday with a party that featured Beyonce and Jay Z. Iggy Azalea takes a break from social media after being attacked constantly. Seems to me she needs to get a thicker skin or at least channel all that negative energy into her music. What do you think?
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