kanye acts a fool and snoop blasts grammys and missy back in the studio

So Kanye West has everyone talking again like he tends to do. This time people are outraged over his behavior at the Grammy awards telecast. When it came time to reveal the winner of Album of the Year, the winner was Beck(song: Loser). I personally hadn't heard Beck's album but I do know who he is. I can't remember who else was nominated besides Beyonce, who many thought was a shoe in for the coveted award. And that's what this is all about. Kanye started to storm the Grammy stage similar to how he did many years ago at the MTV awards, but he sat down before entirely gracing the stage. At the time the gesture was funny but now people are outraged and upset at Kanye and also people are livid over Beyonce's fans, the Beyhive for posting petitions and all that other jargon. I mean after all it is the Beyhive so what do you expect? The Beyhive rides hard for Beyonce. I will say I feel that Beyonce did deserve to win. Her album, upon its release was very successful and it had everyone talking. To me that cements what an album of the year should be. But Beyonce didn't go home empty handed. She won for Best R&B Song and Best R&B/Hip Hop Performance for Drunk In Love with her husband Jay Z. She also performed. But back to Kanye? What did you think about his behavior this year at the Grammys? Was it inappropriate for Kanye to grace the stage or have we come to expect ignorant behavior from him? Speaking of the Grammys, they are being called out by Snoop Dogg who says "real emcees" need an award show because they are not truly represented. I always had a problem with how Grammy never televises that many of the black music categories. As black people we want to see us being recognized for our contribution in music since we contribute so much to music anyway. Trey Songz also had some things to say about the Grammy's but mainly because he wasn't nominated for any. But that's cool Trey I'm sure you will clean up at the BET awards. Still in awe over Missy Elliott gracing the Super Bowl stage a week ago? Well the rapper is back in the studio with Timbaland. I definitely feel like Missy should be capitalizing off of this buzz and renewed interest in her. Besides we need more female rappers out, the more the better. You all ready for some new music from Missy? I know I am.
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