drake's second week numbers are in and madonna falls and zendaya criticized for her hair

I know I'm late on some of these stories, well at least the story about Zendaya but oh well. Here goes nothing..ALBUMS STILL MATTER: So Drake's second week sales are in and he sold 187,000 copies of his new surprise album/mixtape. Elsewhere on the charts Nicki Minaj's "The Pink Print" album returns to the top 10 thanks to a heavy rotation of singles on the radio. FALLING DOWN: The Brit Awards went down and there were a lot surprises. Madonna took a fall down some stairs and Kanye debuted a new song. Has anyone heard it and did you all see the Madonna video of her falling? It definitely looked painful. HAIR YEAH: And there were some painful words used to describe Zendaya(who was supposed to play Aaliyah) and her hair at the Oscar awards. On E!'s "Fashion Police", host Guiliana Rancic made comments about Zendaya and her hair saying she looks like she reeks of "weed" and "oil" and of course she caught flack for her comments. Rancic ended up issuing an apology but people were definitely in arms over this. Zendaya has since accepted the apology but the battle still lives on. Kelly Osbourne, another host of "Fashion Police" has spoke out citing her disgust over the comments and has threatened to quit the show. Obviously there may be some other things brewing behind the set if Kelly is ready to walk away. What do you all think about this "hair drama". I'm kinda over it to be honest. A joke or observation or whatever you want to call it was made and it wasn't taken lightly. Happens all the time but there is a such thing as crossing the line and it was crossed. Well that is it for tonight! Hope you all have a good night and until next time folks!
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