drake sets new record and stevie wonder reenters the charts and kelly osbourne quits 'fashion police'

DRAKE AND THE CHART MAN: So according to this weeks Billboard charts issued on Thursday, Drake has 14 songs that has simultaneously hit the charts. Among those songs are selections from his new album and of course his guest appearances including "Only", "Tuesday" and "Truffle Butter". This feat for Drake with 14 songs hasn't been done since the Beatles and it was 41 years ago. WONDER MAN: Speaking of charts, Stevie Wonder is back on the charts thanks in part to his CBS special "Songs In The Key of Life", the album which is back on the charts. The album was #1 on the charts back in 1976 and 1977. HAPPY FRIDAY: Speaking of music charts it is being reported that album will now be released on Friday instead of the traditional Tuesday. The move is said to start this Summer. Prior to Tuesday, albums were available for purchase on Monday. In the past some artists and labels went against the grain and released when they wanted to but Friday will be the new day to purchase music. I say by Friday most people have gotten paid by then and they can purchase an album if they wish to. It was also being said that Friday is the date albums were being released in other countries and with US following the new Friday demand, US fans will have albums the same time as the overseas fans. If your not familiar albums are generally released overseas before they are released in the US. So what do you think about albums being released on Friday? FASHION VICTIM: Well why you care to have an opinion or not, Kelly Osbourne of E!'s "Fashion Police" has quit the show! Many are saying Kelly was done with the show before co-host Guiliana Anoxeric Rancic made the comments about Zendaya's hair. Kelly was said to be upset with the flow of the show even before taping began for the new season. One thing about the Osbourne ladies, Kelly and her mother Sharon, they speak their minds and they don't take no mess from anyone. STAR CRY: Last but not least R.I.P. to Leonard Nimoy of "Star Trek" fame. The actor was 83 years old. I remember Dr. Spock used to kind of scare me when I would first see the original Star Trek in reruns. Well you all have a splendid Saturday and a nice weekend. It's going to be more snow here this Sunday but I'm truly hoping this is the last we'll see of the snow until next January. Ha!
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