common and john legend win oscar and big sean drops new album and nicki minaj on tour with meek mill

"GLORY" ROAD: Congratulations to Common and John Legend. The duo won an Oscar last night for Best Original Song for "Glory". I watched some of the Oscar awards but not much of it. I felt funny because I wasn't familiar with any of the movies nominated. I was wondering were the films nominated, films that didn't get a huge theatrical release because I was only familiar with "American Sniper". But anyway I turned back and forth between the Oscars and whatever else looked interesting on TV that night which wasn't much. Did you all bother watching the Oscars or did you pass on it altogether? PINK SKIES: In other music news, Big Sean will release his new album "Dark Sky Paradise" tomorrow. The album features the hit single "I Don't Fuck With You" featuring E-40. The album features appearances from Arianna Grande among others. Will you be copping? Meanwhile Nicki Minaj just announced that her and her boo Meek Mill(whose in the studio with Wale, remember the beef they had?) are going on tour. Nicki says she will unveil the rest of the line up in the coming weeks. Trey Songz is already attached to what is being billed as The Pink Print Tour. Nicki will be touring Europe first before heading to America. Will you all be bothering to see Nicki live? I'm not interested in seeing Nicki live but her "Pink Print" album is not bad. I hear so many of the songs on her album on the radio. I'm really liking "Only", "Truffle Butter" and "Feeling Myself". Have you heard Nicki's album? If you haven't maybe you should. I'm just saying! KEYS IN A MINOR: And I guess some news that's not really news but interesting nonetheless is Kim Kardashian West learning to play the piano for her husband Kanye West, as a surprise she is learning one of his songs. Her plan is to play one of his songs on piano to him in person. Kim tweeted the news but said she'd share it via Twitter because Kanye is not on there enough to know that she has the surprise in store. But whose to say that some fan won't tweet Kanye the news that's supposed to double as a surprise. I guess we shall see. Can we even imagine Kim playing the piano? I mean there are stranger things to be seen. Well until next time folks! Have a good night!
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