amber rose and khloe kardashian beef on social media and toya wright mad at mtv

BLACK ROSE: So the hot story today is the beef between Khloe Kardashian and Amber Rose. Amber Rose made some comments about Tyga's relationship with Khloe's sister who Tyga is dating. Well apparently word finally got back to Khloe and soon her and Amber engaged in a war of words over social media. The war of words have gotten very ugly with varying celebrities taking sides such as Trina, Reggie Bush, Sanaa Lathan, and more. It seems as if the celebrities are siding with those they are closest to. So for Trina she sided with Amber Rose, not only because Khloe is with her ex-man, but because Amber said she's a big fan of Trina so rightfully so. If that ain't enough for you, Tyga will appear on The Breakfast Club tomorrow morning(Wednesday) to talk about that and I'm sure the recent dis Drake made to him on record. But back to Amber and Khloe, Amber so far has been winning the war of words, adding insults to not only Khloe but her boo French Montana, Kanye West, and the whole Kardashian clan. I have to say all of this is really entertaining and it just continues to get more interesting as this beef escalates. I was just thinking though about how people always criticize my girl Azealia Banks for beefing with celebs and yes she has her share of beefs, but all celebs beef especially nowadays. Tomorrow it will be two different celebs. Just wait on it! And Toya Wright is mad at MTV cause they blocked out her attention seeking husband Memphitz during her daughter Reginae's Sweet 16 party. I mean did anyone really wanna see him anyway? I mean I didn't watch but I don't think its really worth the mention but I mentioned anyway to those who were curious. And to be honest with you all that's the only remotely interesting thing that has occurred today. At press time Amber Rose says she's done dealing with the linebacker that is Khloe Kardashian! Ha! Well until next time folks!
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