yg and dj mustard make up and tank has a baby boy and immature back together

Happy New Year my readers. How is everybody? I hope you all have a splendid New Years. I did! I had plenty of drinks, laughs, food, and a damn ole good time. KISS & MAKE UP: Now for the boring stories, YG and DJ Mustard have kissed and made up. The two were squabbling on social media and airing out dirty laundry about unpaid debts and so forth. Some were saying this was simply a publicity stunt. What do you all think or do you even care? I know I didn't care either way. FULL TANK: Congratulations are in order Tank and his lady who just gave birth to a baby boy Zion. Tank recently made the news when he said he was quitting music but later ate his words when he realized he was being ridiculous. REUNITED: Immature is reuniting with the original lineup and we will have to see how that goes down. Based on recent ill-fated reunions between groups lets keep our fingers crossed. You all enjoy yourselves and each other. Till next time!
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