tameka 'tiny' cottle claps back at claudia jordan and 2 chainz faces off with nancy grace

So I was on my way to work this morning listening to the Rickey Smiley morning show where RHOA(Real Housewives of Atlanta) star Claudia is a host. I caught the middle of a conversation where Claudia was talking and speaking about issuing an apology and Rickey Smiley was co-signing. I had no idea who she was talking about because I got out the car to go to the gas station. It wasn't until much later in the day that I realized that Claudia was speaking about Tiny, T.I.'s wife. Apparently Claudia made some not so nice comments about Tiny when she worked on The Foxxhole, a radio show with Jamie Foxx. Claudia described Tiny's looks as a "pig" among other things. Oddly enough Claudia was one of the hosts on Tiny's show Tiny Tonight. But since people have been uncovering old videos of Claudia shading folks, its safe to say it hasn't been the best week for the newest housewife. Tiny caught wind of the news today and referred to Claudia as a "slut" who is in desperate need of a man, much like what Nene Leakes said about her as well on last week's episode of Housewives. If that weren't enough an old video was discovered of Claudia making comments about dark skinned people in different types of lighting like at clubs or some jargon. Like I said it hasn't been the best week for the star but I suppose she is taking it all in stride. Besides there is no such thing as bad publicity. Speaking of publicity many people are talking about 2 Chainz' appearance on Nancy Grace about the legalization of marijuana. Chainz held his own when it came to going toe to toe with the outspoken TV host. Keri Hilson clapped back at those who judged her for a live performance to a barely there crowd. R&B Divas Atlanta is said to be cancelled due to production budgets, cast changes, and a lawsuit filed by executive producer Nicci Gilbert. Nivea may be joining Love & Hip Hop Atlanta which is said to have fired Rasheeda and Kirk Frost. Well that is all for tonight folks. I'm tired! Have a good night and thanks for reading!
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