pharrell on 'the simpsons' and wale gets hit on via instagram and tlc funding new album

MUSIC BITS: Pharrell will guest star as himself on the February 8 episode of The Simpsons. Will he sing Happy? Tune in and find out. Pharrell is currently on the cover of GQ magazine and will be performing at the Grammy's! What do you think he'll be performing there? I guess we will have to wait and see. One thing you don't have to wait and see is model and actress Eva Marcille trying to get at Wale through Instagram. Well her ex-baby daddy Kevin Mccall spotted it, likely from trolling the blogs and called his ex-baby mama weak for her gesture. Do you all think he's just pressed because she doesn't want him back? I mean after all she was his meal ticket. After his guest appearance on Dueces, I hadn't heard anything else from Kevin Mccall. Have you? Well have you heard TLC is having their last and final album funded through Kickstarter? This is my first time hearing of Kickstarter but TLC amassed their goal of conjuring up $150,000 to go towards making the album. Currently the group has amassed $175,000 dollars and some famous people have helped donate including Katy Perry. I would say to those famous people who have donated maybe they can take part in the album in other ways as well like guest appearances. So what do those who donate to the album get? A free digital copy of the album when its released and possibly some other jargon I'm not aware of. I will say I'm looking forward to hearing new music from the now duo. I just wonder why their label or what I thought was their label Arista didn't want to release a new TLC album. Then again with the group doing their album this way maybe their likely to see more money from this endeavor. What do you all think? Are you all looking forward to new music from TLC or nah?
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