music feed: ill-fated reunions

Remember last year when Danity Kane announced they were reuniting? All five fans rejoiced when the now trio released their hit single Lemonade featuring Tyga. Shortly after the release of Lemonade, Danity Kane had some inner group squabbles which resulted in a fight between Dawn Richard and Aubrey O'Day in a recording studio. Danity Kane later released their DK3(I think that's the name of it) album to little fanfare. If that wasn't enough original member Aundrea previously reunited with the group but for some reason dropped out. I'm not really sure why but I remember people saying she couldn't keep up with the footwork on tour and she was probably tired of all the arguing going on within the group again. And just two months ago Jodeci reunited after 20 said years to perform a bevy of their hits on the Soul Train Awards. Everyone was delighted to see the group reunite but not particularly delighted when it was clear that lead singer K-Ci was lip syncing the songs lyrics. While I'm on the subject of Soul Train, R&B group Total was on hand to perform alongside Lil' Kim, Missy & Da Brat for Ladies Night. But the trio wasn't a trio that night, they were a duo with members JaKima and Pam, the lead singer. Keisha, the other member opted not to join the ladies for whatever reason. If you didn't know Keisha is the wife of actor Omar Epps. Dru Hill had attempted to get back together a few years ago and I believe they did some reality show for Centric that not many watched unless you were fortunate enough to get Centric through your cable provider. I'm sure Sisqo was being difficult as he's had solo success outside of the group and was probably making it all about him. If you want to go back further Changing Faces got back together for a brief time and released some song that no one paid attention to, not even me. Had they had R. Kelly in their corner, they probably would of popped off. Instead we're left with their 90s input and that's okay too. There's nothing like that good ole 90s R&B music. Boy do I miss it! I think that's why I find myself listening to the adult R&B stations now. Because they play modern music but they also have the throwbacks. While we're on the subject of 90s R&B, TLC reunited on stage and off stage and on reality TV sans Left Eye during her untimely death. They are still making strides together as a duo and as separate artists but its just not the same for some people to not see all three of the ladies together. Boy I had some other acts on the top of my head that I was going to talk about but I can't remember them. Oh well!  
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