michelle williams says beyonce not pregnant and foxy brown to appear on 'empire'

BABY LOVE: Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child is speaking out and saying that friend Beyonce is not pregnant contrary to popular belief. Did she just burst Beyonce's bubble though? Maybe Beyonce wanted us to believe that she pregnant but now that Michelle has spoken out I guess we can dismiss the thought for now. FOXY EMPIRE: And how many of you all watched the premiere of Empire on FOX? Well speaking of Fox, Foxy Brown is saying that she will appear on the highly rated drama which premiered last week. Foxy confirmed the news via a text conversation with producer Lee Daniels. What do you all think about Foxy on TV? I mean if she's not going to put out music the least she can do is pull a few gigs. VEGAS NIGHTS: Speaking of gigs The Weeknd was in Vegas to do a gig but also found himself arrested after a punching a cop in the head. The Weeknd was later released on a $2000 bail. Oh he was involved in a fight at a hotel which is what led to the arrest in case you were wondering. So what do you think about today's stories? Sound off in the comment section if you dare otherwise check back again for more music news.
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