ludacris wins custody of child and lil' scrappy disses wendy williams and benzino arrested

So how is everyone? I'm doing okay for the most part. I apologize for not updating in a few days but never fear I'm back to get you all caught up. BABY MAMA DRAMA: I'll start with Ludacris who just won custody of his 1 year old daughter. There is video online of Luda and his baby mom in court and I must say baby mom was not attractive. Then again it could of been her horrendous haircut. Happy Birthday to J. Cole, the rap star turns 30! J. Cole recently got engaged to his longtime love and his new album was recently certified Gold. And Benzino's crazy self got arrested for attempting to carry a loaded gun onto an airplane. As dumb as this sounds I can't say I'm surprised. I wonder what Benzino was thinking though by doing that. What do you all think? While I'm on the subject of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars, Lil' Scrappy has dissed Wendy Williams saying that she puts down black people. And he doesn't care if he's ever on her show and he used to like her. Sounds like he is mad that he is not on her show. I remember someone else saying this about Wendy. I think it was Janet Hubert of The Fresh Prince but I'm not sure. Anyway do you agree with Scrappy's statements? And people are up in arms over rap group Migos donating $1,000 dollars to Booker T. Washington school in Atlanta. I guess some people questioned the amount of money but who are we to tell someone how much they should donate? At least they donated money. You don't hear a lot of these rappers donating to anyone but Rolls Royce and Maybach(luxury cars). I'm just saying though. It's the thought that counts though and people shouldn't always be so judgmental. What do you all think of today's stories? Hey don't all reply at once! Until next time people!
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