lil' wayne sues baby and kanye calls out 'broke black men' and mya on the stripper pole

Let me be the first to say that there is a lot of news for a Saturday. Typically there is not much news to report on the weekends but you will see that's not the case this weekend. MUSIC BITS: Lil' Wayne is suing Baby for $8 million dollars! Wayne claims that Baby was to give me $8 million dollars as an advance for his delayed album The Carter V. Wayne through a couple of shots at his label honcho and former friend on his Sorry 4 The Wait mixtape. Kanye West appeared at The BET Honors tonight which is was being prerecorded to air later next month. While on stage, someone managed to capture video of Kanye throwing shots at some of his wife's ex-boyfriends saying his wife dated some "broke black men". The audience erupted into laughter. I'm not sure if that comment will make it onto the telecast but we will have to wait and see. While its no secret that Kim K. has dated a lot of "broke black men" I believe Kanye was solely talking about Ray J. If you recall Ray J has been trying to buy a house in the same neighborhood as Kim and Kanye. But it turns out the area that Ray J is looking to buy a home is actually where he grew up. Still Ray J is just being messy as usual and I actually like the shade Kanye threw at Ray J. because as we know Ray J throws a fair amount of shade at Kim and of course Kanye was sticking up for his woman. Kevin Mccall is back at it again, this time recording a conversation with his baby mama Eva Marcille because apparently she won't let him see his child. Does Kevin Mccall have a new CD coming out or is he still begging Chris Brown for another collabo? I'm just wondering because this whole thing with he and Eva is getting really messy, more so on his part though. But Kevin is a stunt queen! He pulls stunts for a living. Hopefully this stunt(publicity) will land him whatever deal he is trying to land. I'm not mad at him though. But some people were mad at Mya for hosting a party at a strip club then getting on stage to do a little 1, 2 step. People on the Gram weren't very nice with the comments. I will say Mya looked a little awkward on stage dancing but I guess a girl has to pay her bills somehow. We don't hear anything from Mya musically not here in the States at least. I know for a time she released a few records overseas but what happened to her career here in States is beyond me. I liked Mya and I have her first two CDs. I think being that her fourth album Liberation didn't get a release here in the States, her career literally went to hell but she could of rebounded. I still think she should try again and make some music for us fans in the States. We all love a good comeback story even if it'd be a moderate one. Well until next time folks thanks for reading!
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