common and john legend win golden globe and snoop dogg becomes a grandfather

GLOBAL ICON: Congratulations are in order for Common and John Legend who won a Golden Globe for Best Original Song for the movie Selma,which was released this past weekend I believe. I don't get to into the movie award shows anymore. So with that being said I didn't watch and opted to watch #RHOA(Real Housewives of Atlanta) and the free Showtime preview I have which have had some pretty good movies and shows on I should add. SHADY PALM THREE:Speaking of #RHOA tonight's episode was probably one of the best episodes so far this season. Personally I've enjoyed every episode but this episode was being hyped up because Nene Leakes was going head to head with newbie Claudia Jordan. It was reported back a few months ago that Claudia came for Nene's wig as she did but Nene held her own as she always does. I'm not the biggest fan of Nene's but I'm #teamnene on this one. Claudia was bringing up old stuff about Nene that everyone already knows. She did get her though about her wig though. That was funny but what was funnier was Nene telling Claudia that her "clit has left her body" Ouch! The shade was very thick tonight. DADDY WARBUCKS: In other news Snoop Dogg is a grandfather now. His son just had a baby. Congratulations to the family! MOMMY DEAREST: So once again Beyonce is sparking attention with another baby bump like she did a few years back. The singer is said to be sporting a baby bump in a few of her photos while on vacation. I remember the last time Beyonce did this and then she started wearing a prosthetic over her stomach to throw off how far along she was since she is so private. Her use of a prosthetic backfired because people started to question if she were really pregnant and there was also that infamous interview Beyonce did where her belly did a flip flop when she was sitting which was likely that prosthetic. I will never forget when Katie Couric interviewed Beyonce and she went to touch her stomach and Beyonce caught her hand and redirected her hand to another location on her belly. Like WTF? It was a very funny, awkward, and embarrassing moment for all involved. Well until next time everyone, enjoy your week and each other. Thanks for reading!
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