christina milian dissed and beyonce and jay z go on double date and madonna goes hip hop

MUSIC BITS: Ever since Christina Milian has been dating Lil' Wayne she has had it pretty bad. She's caught heat from fans, bloggers, and even Wayne's daughter and former baby mama's. I'm not sure why all the hate for Christina but it could be given her track record of men she's been with. But its no different from any other chick in the game to be honest. Christina's latest adversary is none other than famed groupie turned author turned groupie again Karrine "Superhead" Steffans. She's taking aim at Christina Milian in my opinion because she's jealous of the relationship and she wants Wayne back. A few years back Karrine took a picture of Lil' Wayne sleep in her bed beside her. I was just thinking about an interview that Marlon Wayans did on Sway In The Morning and he joked that Lil' Wayne must have a big dick because he lands these attractive women and is not the most attractive guy. And I'm saying that nicely because I believe Marlon said it a lot nastier and funnier. So what do you all think about Karrine getting at Christina? Jealous or nah? Well one person that is not jealous but is rather fed up is Solange who went into a frenzy after the paparazzi caught her out with her family namely her big sister Beyonce. And speaking of Beyonce, she and her husband Jay Z went out on a double date with Kimye(Kanye West and Kim West). Reportedly throughout the dinner date patrons are noted as saying that Beyonce looked disgusted the entire time and occupied herself with her mobile device. There have long been rumors that Beyonce doesn't like Kim K and for what reason I'm not really sure. Beyonce has never been one to confirm or deny rumors so usually these rumors just go away on their own or they remain buried away under a pile of rocks. Madonna has lined up some heavy hitters for her new album Rebel Heart due this March. The album includes Kanye West, Nas, Nicki Minaj, Mike Tyson, and Chance The Rapper. Kanye produced the song Illuminati(no surprise there) and Nicki Minaj appears on Bitch I'm Madonna. Will you be checking out Madonna's new album? Well that all for tonight folks! Sleep well and thanks for reading as always!
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